A 5-part Experiential/Interactive Workshop Series

Boulder Valley Unitarian Universalist Fellowship (Lafayette)

Saturdays   9:00-11:30 a.m

Many who attended the popular Thoughtful Endings series have indicated a need to “dig deeper,” to explore the emotional and spiritual underpinnings of preparing for your death, considering your legacy, and arranging for your final send-off.  Each of the workshops in this series will be facilitated by Fellowship members who...

April 18, 2016

Out of the Box Funeral Planning founder Sue Mackey recently appeared on "Living Fully, Dying Well," a life and death discussion hosted by death education expert Kim Mooney of Boulder-based Practically Dying. 


As a death and funeral preparation expert, Sue is joined by cadaver scientist Beverly Boyer of Peak Research Institute to take viewers through the journey of what happens to the body when we die. This insightful episode provides insight into different cul...

As a board member of the Boulder-based organization Conversations on Death, dedicated to encouraging meaningful discussions on the topics of dying, death and grief, Out of the Box Funeral Planning's Sue Mackey has been instrumental in bringing the Before I Die Wall project to Boulder County, as well as helping to expand the local Death Cafe movement.

You can read more about it in this article from the Boulder Daily Camera.

June 4, 2015


Out of the Box Funeral Planning founder Sue Mackey recently appeared on "I Ain't Got No Body," a life and death discussion with leading death education expert Kim Mooney of Boulder-based Practically Dying.  WATCH THE VIDEO




May 23, 2015

What happens to our bodies after death? Where do we put our bodies after we die?  For some, it matters a lot; to others a body is but a shell they are leaving behind. Today, our options, our attitudes and our planning are all up for grabs.


Out of the Box Funeral Planning's Sue Mackey joins host Maeve Conran to explore all that and more as a guest on "A Public Affair" on KGNU Public Radio, Boulder.  Listen now

May 6, 2015

Maybe you've already completed your health care directives? If so, kudos to you, and here's a little quiz:  What should you do with your documents once theyare completed? 


  1. Lock them in my safe deposit box for safe keeping

  2. Put them in a drawer somewhere in my house

  3. Feel satisfied that I'm now good to go for the long haul

  4. Make a zillion copies and pass them out to all of my loved ones and to my doctor(s)

  5. Discuss with my fam...

May 2, 2015

Did you know?.......about the Federal Patient Self-Determination Act passed in 1990?


The Federal Patient Self-Determination Act requires that all Medicare-participating healthcare facilities inquire about and provide information to patients on Advance Directives; it also requires these facilities to provide community education on Advance Directives. 


All healthcare facilities are required to: 

  • Provide information about health care decision-making...

April 15, 2015

As of today (or earlier), your taxes are most likely filed. Good news or bad news, they're done and there's no more living with the unknown. Phew! 


None of us loves living with uncertainties and unknowns. So, some time not too long ago, someone decided that we ought to face the only two absolute certainties in life – Death and Taxes – head on in the same month, one day after the other!


Hence, National Healthcare Decisions Day, tomorrow...

February 14, 2015